13th Doctor (Jodie Whitaker) Crystal TARDIS - Doctor Who

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We were selling these at the 2019 GallifreyOne Convention - we knew some people there weren't quite ready to make the leap at that time, so now's your chance!  

Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).  You can also purchase a USB power cable from the manufacturer - www.doctorwhocrystals.com  

Celebrate the 13th regeneration of one of the most iconic sci-fi characters, Doctor Who. Jodie Whittaker has finally entered the Crystal Carvings line, completing our full collection of every Doctor Who to date. Jodie is the first female doctor, marking the start of an exciting new era! The witty and charismatic Doctor is ready to explore the universe in her classic time-traveling TARDIS, sorting right from wrong and saving civilizations throughout the galaxy. 

To create this unique and elegant piece we first craft the TARDIS using the highest quality Solid K9 crystal. Each elegant piece stands five inches tall and weighs a total of 2.5 lbs! Using a proprietary process, we use images directly from the BBC to laser engrave the 3D image of the Doctor directly inside the crystal TARDIS. Fans can see the finest details of her face, rainbow-striped shirt, suspenders, and even her iconic boots are noticed. 

As with all Crystal Carvings Doctor Who collectibles, the outside of the TARDIS is carefully engraved to give the authentic look that all Whovians, new and old, will appreciate. Each TARDIS comes with a custom LED light base, complete with the newest Doctor Who logo, that will set this luxurious and refined piece aglow!

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