Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures Wave 12 Set of 7 (Molten Man BAF)

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Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends action figures bring back generations of Spidey and his friends and foes in popular 6-inch scale. Each awesome figure includes terrific accessories and amazing detail, plus a build-a-figure piece! Ages 4 and up. 

This Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures Set contains 7 individually packaged action figures:
1x Spider-Man (FFH Movie Suit)
1x Spider-Man (FFH Black Movie Suit)
1x Doppelganger Spider-Man
1x Spider-Woman
1x Marvel's Scorpion
1x Marvel's Mysterio
1x Hydro-Man


Will ship no earlier than June 22, 2019 due to street date.

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