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April 21 2018


Okay it's been a little while since the last update but hope everyone has been doing well!  Several new items to tell you about.  Mezco One:12 Collective has two more just awesome figures - Batman Ascending and X-Force Wolverine.  These tend to sell out pretty quickly so jump on them now. McFarlane Toys started up a Stranger Things Action Figure line and we just got in the 10" Demogorgon!  We also stocked back up on Hopper and Eleven from the same series. We pretty much sold out of the latest Avengers Marvel Legends Wave at WonderCon but still have some Captain America, Proxima Midnight, Songbird, Taskmaster, and Serpent Society.  Finally, our latest POP! arrivals - Sulley and Roz from Monsters Inc, WWE Jake the Snake and Shawn Michaels, Saga's Alana with Hazel, and Disney's Hercules have all arrived!  We also were able to get in some of the former TRU Exclusive POPs - Teen Titans Rose Wilson, Tygon, and Cyborg; Kylo Ren from TLJ; and a nice Mickey/Minnie Mouse 2-Pack!