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August 17 2016


Lots of new stuff!  For Funko POP! and Doctor Who fans we got in three new Doctor Who POP! - 12th Doctor with Guitar, 11th Doctor as Mr. Clever, and a big Davros!!  For Doctor Who fans we also received the latest Titan Vinyl figures - the Good Man Collection (this set features favorites like Idris, the Curator, Vastra, and Jenny) .as well as re-releases of 10th Doctor with Adipose and Weeping Angel action figures.    Speaking of Funko, they came out with some new ReAction figures.  This time a cool Aliens 3-piece set and a new Nightmare Before Christmas Wave that has Pumpkin Jack, Wolfman, Shock, Clown, Santa Jack, and a Oogie Boogie.  Two new DC Arkham Knights figures - Joker and Harley, Darwyn Cooke Batman, and DC Icons Joker round out our DC offerings for the week.  Last, but definitely not least - the latest Captain America Marvel Legends wave arrived!  This wave features such figures as Captain Britain, Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man!