August 17 2019

Sooo much new stuff!  Lots of DC/Marvel Gallery statues came in recently - Spider-Man (video game), Dark Knight Returns, and Dawnbreaker.  Also the SDCC "exclusives" - X-Force Deadpool, Flash (speedforce), and X-Force X-23.  Other exclusives are Kid Robot GITD Pinky & Brain (one's a genius...), DC Heroes Batman Damned, X-Men Phoenix Mini Egg, Funk o GITD Pickle Rick, and an Infinity Gauntlet Snap Desk Monument!  On the Marvel Legends side of things - Ultimate Captain America, X-Men Retro, X-Force and Iron Man 80th Anniversary figures also arrived.  Also check-out the Marvel Select Psylocke and DC Artists Alley Chrissie Zullo Supergirl figure!  Lots of awesome stuff to check-out post SDCC!

17th Aug 2019

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