August 25 2018

Mezco One:12 Collective arrival - this time it's movie Wonder Woman!  Already sold-out at a few places, so make sure you get yours soon!  Other new arrivals - SDCC exclusives including several Marvel Gallery statues such as White Phoenix, Grey Hulk and Unmasked X-23; DC Batman Who Laughs Statue; Cryptozoic's Purple/Green Harley Quinn; and Superman Vinimate 2-pack. The latest Q-Fig - Deadpool. Some Entertainment Earth Exclusives - 8-Bit Batman POP and Friday the 13th Jason GITD figure. Marvel Legends has some new arrivals - Deadpool Wave 2 and a couple more Marvel Legends MCU Sets - Captain America/Crossbones and a nice 3-pack from Infinity War featuring Thanos, Dr Strange, and Iron Man.  Finally from DC, a new Batgirl statue by Joelle Jones and the first set of Watchmen Doomsday Clock figures - Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias.

25th Aug 2018

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