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Dec 23 2017


Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope everyone out there is having a great holiday season. It's too late to get anything to you by Christmas, but if you are looking for something to spend your post-Christmas gift money on we've gotten in plenty of new stuff in the last week. Another from the incredibly popular Mezco One:12 Collective line is the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn action figure.  Also from DC is the Batman Animated Series Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary statue and the Flash TV Season 3 Flash action figure.  Marvel Gallery has a couple new statues out as well - Starlord and Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok.  A new Marvel Select Spider-Gwen figure also arrived.  Finally on the POP front a couple new lines are starting up - James Bond has a couple of baddies in stock (Jaws and Oddjob) and Disney's Aladdin has a few figures in (Apu, Rajah, and Aladdin).  POP Specialty Series - Thundercats Tygra and Fraggle Rock Travelling Matt are here.  Finally a few other POPs - He-Man, Angry Beavers Norbert, WWE Braun Strowman, and Rocko/Spunky from Rocko's Modern Life arrived.