July 14 2018

San Diego Comic-Con time!  It seems to be what everyone is talking about.  If you are going, hope you have a great time, and if you weren't lucky enough to get tickets this year, hope you can get them next year!  QMx has a couple new figures - Killing Joke Joker and World's Finest Batman/Superman.  Mezco Previews Exclusive Black Suit Spider-Man is the latest in the One:12 Collective line.  Speaking of Mezco, we've also started carrying other horror related items like the Freddy Krueger and Nun Living Dead Dolls. The Marvel Legends MCU figures have started to arrive - Iron Man and Ronan are the first ones we've received.  There's also a new Marvel Select Movie Black Panther figure and Marvel Gallery Silk Statue.  Finally a couple new Deadpool POPs - Clown Deadpool and Deadpool in a Robe.  Be sure to check us out after Comic-Con as we always seem to get a bunch of new stuff after the show!

14th Jul 2018

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