July 23 2019

Another SD Comic-Con in the books!  Had a great time with my family taking a few days off and enjoying the sights and sounds that you can only find down in San Diego in the middle of July...

As usual, right after the show we get swamped with stuff, so be sure to check out our newest releases. Marvel Legends had some great reveals during the show.  We now have a couple two-packs Skurge/Hela & Luis/Ghost in-stock.  Single figures we have Avengers Wave 4 (Hulk BAF) set and the Thor 80th Anniversary single carded figure.  We started to carry Mego figures and received the Horror Wave 6 and Star Trek Wave 6 figures. The Gallery figures keep coming in - Deluxe Rhino, Comic Batman, and Comic Batgirl. Final mention is the ton of Funko POPs that we will be listing in the next day or so - more Stranger Things, Fortnite, Little Mermaid and some others will be listed soon!

23rd Jul 2019

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