June 15 2018

Welcome to summer!  Things are starting to heat up and and lots of cool stuff has arrived.  Some of the latest items - Mezco One:12 Collective Batman Ascending Knight PX Exclusive and Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn.  Speaking of Batman - a few new Batman Black & White action figures arrived.  In the style of Greg Capullo, Bob Kane, and Jim Lee.  A new Batman B&W Statue by Jonathan Matthews rounds out the new DC stuff.  On the Star Wars front - Star Wars Black Captain Rex and Dewback/Sandtrooper set arrived.  For Marvel, Marvel Legends Ant-Man/Stinger set, Deadpool Rainbow 3.75" Action Figure Set and the Deadpool Back in Black action figure came in.  Finally, as usual, a lot of new POP - 8-Bit Alien, Sandlot, Princess Bride, Cable vs Deadpool, PX exclusives Death and No Limbs Pickle Rick, and Deadpool as Bob Ross (already have sold a lot of these!).

15th Jun 2018

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