May 4 2018

May the 4th Be with You!  Well, we actually don't have any new Star Wars stuff today, but plenty of other cool stuff.  A little movie called the Avengers came out last week and we have the Marvel Legends Infinity War Avengers Wave 2 in-stock.  From the incredible Mezco One:12 line of action figures we have Old Man Logan.  Quantum Mechanics has a new Q-Fig - Loki.  We also picked up some "older" Q-Figs to sell here for the first time - Wonder Woman on Horseback and Ultimate Spider-Man. Finally, a few shipments of Funko POP brought in Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock, and Barrel; Stranger Things Steve; Jetsons Astro; Pennywise with Spider Legs; Marvel's Deadpool;  Mr. Rogers! (yes that Mr. Rogers) and 3 from the Specialty Series line - Popeye, Hellboy with Crown, and Superman's Krypto!

4th May 2018

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