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November 21 2016


Only a month (or so) to shop until Christmas!  Lots of new items to mention.  If you like the POP Vinyls we received lots of new ones - X-Men Quicksilver, Mohawk Storm, Sabretooth, Psylocke, and Archangel; Animaniacs - Wakko, Yakko & Dot; Pinky & the Brain; Bug's Life Princess Atta; Conan the Barbarian; and Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman.  Mezco 1:12 Collective has two new releases - Captain American and Frankenstein.  A few pretty cool DC Statues - Bombshells Killer Frost; Harley Quinn by Lee Bermejo  and Andy Kubert Dark Knight 3 Batman.  Finally, a nice Star Wars Astromech Droids set of 3-3/4" Action Figures are some of the cool new items we received recently.