November 5 2018

Countdown towards Christmas is continuing!  For the 4th Quarter we always seem to get swamped with new stuff as companies seem anxious to get everything out there for the holidays and this year is no exception.  Three new Mezco One:12 Collective figures - Ash from Evil Dead, Catwoman, and Alex DeLarge (Clockwork Orange) arrived in the past week.  DC Direct has a new Bombshells Statue this time featuring the Joker's Daughter and a new Watchmen 2-Pack featuring Rorschach and the Mime. On the Funko POP front - new Fallout, MLB Angels Ohtani, Metallica Lady Justice, and Rocky & Bullwinkle POPs have all arrived!  Finally for Doctor Who fans - TARDIS Clara Memorial POP came in!  We'll have even more stuff to list later this week so be sure to check back soon!

5th Nov 2018

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