October 23 2018

Only 2 months to go before Christmas!  Time to start shopping!  Finally some new Doctor Who items - Doctor Who SuperBitz Plushes have arrived.  Featuring Doctors 10, 11, and 13! We also got in some really cool Doctor Who Bamboo Tumblers and a 12th Doctor Sonic Flashlight. For Marvel fans - Marvel Select Beast, Marvel Legends Cinematic Universe Ultron and Red Skull Action Figures, and Marvel Gallery Savage Land Rogue Statue arrived.  DC also has plenty of new items - DC Gallery Suicide Squad Harley and Batman Who Laughs Statues, and DC Essentials Reverse Flash Action Figure came in. Mezco released a Living Dead Doll Michael Myers just in-time for Halloween.  Finally a whole bunch of new POPs arrived including Tom & Jerry, Hostess Twinkie the Kid and Blink-182!!!  

23rd Oct 2018

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