Dark Nights: Metal Batman Who Laughs ARTFX 1:6 Scale Statue

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Ripped from the pages of the Dark Knights: Metal comic book featuring seven spine-chilling Batmen who exude a terrifying aura that's popular among fans worldwide, comes this frightening 12-inch tall Dark Nights: Metal Batman Who Laughs ARTFX 1:6 Scale Statue. Batman, who's superior intellect, logic, and physical power can defeat any opponent, has been turned into a fearful enemy lacking all morality. The statue depicts an image that should only exist in nightmares, a Batman who has slowly transformed into a figure similar to The Joker! From the belt and buckles throughout the statue to the spikes poking out of the bat cowl to the paint job that brings out the dark and gothic character of this figure, his twisted nature can be seen from every angle. It's an imposing statue that can be enjoyed by collectors of every ilk!

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