DC Gallery Statues

DC Gallery Statues

  • DC Gallery Batwoman Comic Statue

      Never send a Batman to do a Batwoman's job! Kate Kane, of the Gotham City Kanes, drops into the spotlight in the comic-inspired DC Gallery statue! With her striking red hair and black costume, Batwoman is ready to leap into action in this...
  • DC Gallery Flash Comic Statue

      The DC Gallery line is picking up speed! This 9-inch scale PVC statue of the Flash racing across a wave and is made from high-quality plastic. The detailed statue delivers the look of a resin statue at a fraction of the price and is in scale to...
  • DC Gallery Harley Quinn Rebirth Statue

      Ready when you are, Mistah J.! Legendary artist Joseph Michael Linsner takes on legendary trickster Harley Quinn, and the result is fantastic! This 9-inch PVC statue of Harley shows her in her costume, wielding a revolver in one hand and a...
  • DC Gallery Metal Dawnbreaker Statue

      In brightest day, in blackest night, no goodness shall escape his sight! The next member of the Dark Knights to join the DC Gallery line is the Bruce Wayne of Earth-32, the Dawnbreaker! Possessing a power ring and an all-consuming darkness, the...
  • DC Gallery Nightwing Comic Statue

      The prodigal sidekick returns in this dynamic PVC statue! Part of the DC Gallery line of PVC statues, this sculpture of Nightwing wielding his escrima sticks atop a Gotham City clocktower is made of high-quality plastic with detailed sculpting...
  • Superman DC Gallery Darkseid Comic Deluxe Statue

      All hail Darkseid! The ruler of Apokolips gets ready to pulverize his foes in this PVC statue from the DC Gallery line! Based on his comic-book appearance, it measures approximately 10-inches tall and includes an alternate head where his eyes...