• A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Q-Fig

      Any time you need a good scare, just look over at this A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Q-Fig sitting on your desk. That should do the trick! Horror fans and Q-Fig fans can now own the dream-invading boogeyman of Springwood, complete with...
  • Alien Facehugger Free Hugs Diorama Q-Fig

    Facehuggers need love too! Based on the terrifying creature from the classic film Alien comes this Alien Facehugger Free Hugs Diorama Q-Fig! Sprouting from its gooey egg, the facehugger is ready for its next vict-I mean hug. Standing about 3...
  • Animaniacs Goodfeathers Q-Fig MAX

    The Goodfeathers, our favorite mobster pigeons, strut down a New York City sidewalk in this charming Q-Fig Max of the popular characters as seen in the TV series Animaniacs from Warner Bros. Animation. Parodying characters played by Joe Pesci,...
  • Batman Family Q-Master Diorama Statue

    From Quantum Mechanix. Batman, the ultimate loner, is paradoxically all about family. That's what QMx creative director Mohammad Haque endeavored to capture in this figure, titled simply Family, and the result is the biggest, most detailed figural...
  • Batman Last Knight on Earth Q-Fig Elite Figure

    Batman Last Knight on Earth Q-Fig Elite Figure

    After being assaulted by a mysterious child in a rainy Gotham alley, Bruce Wayne wakes up strapped to a hospital bed and… he's never been Batman? Based on the celebrated comic series Batman: Last Knight on Earth by Scott Snyder and...
  • Captain Marvel Diorama Q-Fig Figure

      Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes! Quantum Mechanix presents Captain Marvel as she throws one of her signature photon blasts. Dressed in her Starforce uniform, hair blowing back from the force of her blast and a...
  • Daredevil Q-Fig

      Straight from Netflix's Daredevil comes this Daredevil Q-Fig PVC Figure! Measuring about 4 1/4-inches tall, Daredevil is depicted rebounding off a brick wall base with his signature billy clubs in hand . This Daredevil Q-Fig PVC...
  • Deadpool Maximum Effort MAX Diorama Q-Fig

    Chimichanga alert! Outfitted in his traditional red suit, The Merc with The Mouth give nothing less than maximum effort! Deadpool takes a leap over his favorite dish slathered in yummy goodness. Standing under 5 1/2-inches tall, this Deadpool Maximum...
  • Harry Potter First Flight Q-Fig

    Celebrate the wizarding world with Q-Figs! This adroable figure captures Harry's joyous expression as he takes off on his Nimbus 2000 while casting a spell. Transparent accents add depth and realism to the figure. This Harry Potter First Flight Q-Fig is...
  • Harry Potter Hermione's First Spell Q-Fig

    Stand back! It's her first spell! "It's leviOsa, not levisoA." Cast some magic with this Harry Potter Hermione's First Spell Q-Fig! This adroable Q-Fig beautifully captures one of the many unforgettable moment from the films. With her wand at the ready,...
  • Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Q-Fig

    He Who Must Not Be Named has return for a final battle! This Harry Potter Voldemort Q-Fig depicts the Dark Lord arising from a cloud of smoke casting a deadly spell. As with all QMx Q-Figs, this remarkable pose captures the character's spirit and...