• Alien Facehugger Free Hugs Diorama Q-Fig

    Facehuggers need love too! Based on the terrifying creature from the classic film Alien comes this Alien Facehugger Free Hugs Diorama Q-Fig! Sprouting from its gooey egg, the facehugger is ready for its next vict-I mean hug. Standing about 3...
  • Animaniacs Goodfeathers Q-Fig MAX

    The Goodfeathers, our favorite mobster pigeons, strut down a New York City sidewalk in this charming Q-Fig Max of the popular characters as seen in the TV series Animaniacs from Warner Bros. Animation. Parodying characters played by Joe Pesci,...
  • Batman Mr. Freeze DC Comics Q-Fig

      Sometimes, screaming for ice cream won't help. DC goes Q-Fig! With a heart as cold as ice, the hungry Mr. Freeze stands 5-inches tall and has yet to remove the dessert barrier provided by cold immortality. The Batman Mr. Freeze DC Comics...
  • Daredevil Q-Fig

      Straight from Netflix's Daredevil comes this Daredevil Q-Fig PVC Figure! Measuring about 4 1/4-inches tall, Daredevil is depicted rebounding off a brick wall base with his signature billy clubs in hand . This Daredevil Q-Fig PVC...
  • DC Comics The Killing Joke Joker Q-Fig Figure

    The Killing Joke comes The Clown Prince of Crime! Depicted in his traditional purple suit, joker is surrounded by his favorite toys, the chattering teeth. His manical laughter comes to life as his expression perfectly captures his trickster madness...
  • Deadpool Maximum Effort MAX Diorama Q-Fig

    Chimichanga alert! Outfitted in his traditional red suit, The Merc with The Mouth give nothing less than maximum effort! Deadpool takes a leap over his favorite dish slathered in yummy goodness. Standing under 5 1/2-inches tall, this Deadpool Maximum...
  • Green Arrow Q-Fig

    Oliver Queen is here with his green hood and a big arrow as DC goes Q-Fig! The archer comes ready with a big boxing glove on his arrow and one of the most dynamic poses you'll ever see on a collectible vinyl figure. Ages 13 and up.
  • Harry Potter First Flight Q-Fig

    Celebrate the wizarding world with Q-Figs! This adroable figure captures Harry's joyous expression as he takes off on his Nimbus 2000 while casting a spell. Transparent accents add depth and realism to the figure. This Harry Potter First Flight Q-Fig is...
  • Harry Potter Hermione's First Spell Q-Fig

    Stand back! It's her first spell! "It's leviOsa, not levisoA." Cast some magic with this Harry Potter Hermione's First Spell Q-Fig! This adroable Q-Fig beautifully captures one of the many unforgettable moment from the films. With her wand at the ready,...
  • Iron Man Light-Up Q-Fig FX Diorama

      Straight out of Captain America: Civil War comes the Captain America Civil War Iron Man Light-Up Q-Fig FX Diorama! Iron Man's plume of jet exhaust lights up (batteries included) with a fiery golden glow in this Q-Fig FX diorama. Couple...
  • Supergirl Q-Fig

    Supergirl Q-Fig

      From CW's hit TV series Supergirl, comes this Supergirl Q-Fig! Young Kara Zor-El, a cousin of Superman, is featured airborne in the company of a feathered friend. This Supergirl TV Series Q-Fig PVC Figure measures about 4 1/2-inches tall and...
  • Thor Ragnarok - Thor Q-Fig Diorama

    Thor kicks up a fierce dust cloud as he charges forward, clenching twin swords in our Q-Fig diorama based on the title character from the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok. The Norse god of thunder and lightning is forced to compete in the Grandmaster's...